Move On

Yes all the pieces fit. You have so much in common, you’re comfortable with each other, you and he are good friends. You have the same passion “serving the Lord”. You’re pretty sure you’ve received the all clear signal in your spirit this is “the one” and that you’re the missing rib from this man’s side. So there you sit, full of love and hope for this newfound relationship.

But when you talk about commitment, he seems not ready about it. Hearing this word seems give him anxieties, panic setting in, fears and questions coming. There you are sitting peacefully but the person besides you seem panicking when you talk about commitment.

Then the last thing that you heard was “I’m not ready for commitment, can we just be friends, that’s not my priority right now”

Ouch, now what should be your response “I hate you, get lost, of all the things that I’ve done……, or Pls. don’t leave me…..” none of the above.

It’s really rather simple, but it will work in your favor. Take a deep breath and quietly say, “Well, if you really think that’s the best, okay.”

Don’t sit around wasting your time in quiet desperation, waiting for him to text you, call you, email you. Guard your heart for bitterness and hatred, although it’s natural to feel that way, run to your FATHER, although He knows what’s happening, it’s better if you pour out everything to Him, tell Him what’s in your heart. Let Him embrace you and hug. Let Him dry your tears. Let Him take all the bitterness and hatred.

Breaking-up is painful especially for ladies,. It’s okey to cry, it’s okey to be vulnerable. In times like this it’s crucial to review the promises of God. If it is God’s will, it will happen! If it is not God’s will, it’s better for you to find out early so you will be ready and free to receive the person that God has chosen for you.

As what they usually advise “if you love him set him free, if people are meant to be in our lives they will return of their own volition”


Cheers, meanwhile, enjoy and embrace your being single until love finds you. I’m talking about the person that God has chosen for you.


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