Less than two hours travel from Cubao Quezon City, you can find my sanctuary; Prayer Mountain or Touch of Glory in Antipolo… is one of my most visited places outside metro manila, simply because it’s cheap and accessible.


I loved the place simply because, it’s quite, it’s relaxing, and because only in prayer mountain where I can really pray more than 7 hours. I can’t do that here in manila because of my busyness. When you are in PrayerMountain, your soul mind and spirit will be rested. You can pour out everything to God when you’re inside the prayer cell, or you can go to prayer garden. You can shout, you can sing praises to God, you can cry…no one really cares. When I am in the place I am more sensitive to the presence of God, maybe because of its quietness.

How to get there: take FX from Cubao going to Cogeo or Padilla for 25.00 only, stop at Cogeo Market, take a jeep going to Paenaan(18.00), just tell the driver to stop at Prayer Mountain. If you want to stay there overnight, you need to make reservations; you may choose to stay at attic, dorm or rent an aircon room. Rates per night are: Attic-100.00; Dorm-200.00; aircondition room for 2-1,000.00, aircon room for 4-2,000.00. Food is not a problem in the place, they have canteen. It is also good for fasting, less temptation for food, as long as you will not stay in the canteen. Some guests prefer to stay in the canteen. I don’t know why. But I usually spent my time inside the prayer cell.

If you prefer to go there for a day visit only, you will pay 50.00 for entrance fee; no need for reservations, my only problem is during holidays, many people are visiting the place. The prayer cells are usually full, but you can go to prayer garden instead, there are also prayer umbrellas. If you want to look at the trees while talking to God, you may opt to stay in the prayer umbrella or Garden. Or if you want to read books, there is also library at the second floor. The place also hold services, every Saturday night and Sunday morning for dawn watch, I am not sure if there is Sunday evening service. For more information please contact this number 0917-8401288.

If you want to retreat from the city, if you want a place where you can be alone with God, if you want some time of refreshing or time of meditation or just want to take a rest, go up to prayer mountain.

For almost 10 years if I am not mistaken I’ve been celebrating my birthday in Prayer mountain with the Lord.


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