Last night i reached home pass ten, traffic is killing my time, traffic is a usual thing here, but still annoyed me . I took shower and brought out my dirty clothes, my schedule for washing is every Friday but since I’ll be teaching in the church Saturday i need to rest today and just review my teaching. While washing, i microwaved the ham. My dinner was a sandwich. I was in hurry i need to finish washing by eleven coz i still need to have my quite time and read my teaching again. 

My plan is to eat my sandwich while washing. I always like this, multi-tasking, always in a hurry, i can read while watching tv, i can practice guitar while watching, i can eat while reading.

God is so sweet to remind me to just stop, and enjoy my food, chew it slowly, sit and rest. Again this morning while i was having my brunch (breakfast and lunch) God spoke again to take it slow.

I think God wants me to slow down, I’ve been stressful for the past days, I always in a hurry, don’t know why, always in a hurry but never accomplished anything. Sigh…what’s wrong with me….. I guess i need some time management…which i don’t have.


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