We really need to pray for our missionaries, encourage them, we can support them financially but what they need most is our prayers. I’ve posted previously, how to pray for missionaries. I hope that article will help you as you commit yourself to pray for the missionaries all over the world.

Dear Bro. *******

I don’t really know your true situation there. I don’t even know how hard it is to share the word of God, I can’t even discern what spirit/s is/are hovering over ********, whatever it is, but one thing I am sure of, when God moves no one will hinder or stop Him.

Wish I can help you but the only thing I can do is to pray and intercede for you and ******. I know it’s hard to plant church especially when it’s your first time and you’re alone. Man I’m so burdened ha, but I thank God because that burden leads me to pray and intercede more.

I’ve read an article on how to pray for missionaries, though you don’t consider yourself as a missionary, but for me you are a missionary Pastor. I’ll commit myself then to intercede for you, your ministry and China.

When God revealed you something, don’t doubt. Just do what He says you do. Whatever He has promised He will fulfill it.

I just pray that God will give someone to help you in the ministry soon, i mean very soon someone who is committed in serving the Lord (i’m not talking here about wife ha) And yes, I also pray for that. I think you really need one, when your mother will leave for Jinan, you’ll be alone. Although you’ve said before that you don’t need a wife right now and that you are not ready for commitment. Whether you’ll marry 3 or 4 years from now ,you should be praying for wife by now. . Unless you have the gift of single blessedness just like me(joke)

I’ve read a blog about a missionary in China, his wife is a great help for him. They had married for 3 months now, and known each other for less than a year.

Anyway it’s between you and the Lord. Whoever that person is. I pray that God will lead you to each other and preserve you both.

I’m praying for you, your ministry and China that’s the only thing that I can do now. Don’t be so stressed that you can’t see the result now. Have always that faith in you.

As you have said during mission sunday “Be strong and courageous, do not be terrified; do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

Always claim the promises of God, knowing that He is true and fulfill His promises.


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