I attended wedding last saturday. It’s the first wedding that I attended this year. I’ve known this couple when they became our students in LSS, Christian Foundations and Building Up. I saw them grow in their Spiritual life. They really a cute couple. They changed clothes twice, 1st the traditional white gown after the ceremony they left for an hour and back for the Indian dress. I like their Indian costume. It’s my first to see that. Oh by the way Indian dress is sexy ha.

I like attending weddings. I usually focus my attention on the bride. It’s her day, the day that she’s been waiting for. I love taking photos during the wedding. What I love most is when the officiator says to the groom, “You may kiss your bride” everybody is expecting them to just go ahead and kiss.

But I like watching when the groom lifted his bride’s veil, but instead of just kissing her, he’ll cup his face in his hands, and look deep into his bride and kiss her long and deep. Kissing her like it’s the first time. Wow, is there such thing as kissing the bride for the very first time. I want to be like that (LOL)

CONGRATS GUYS. Keep the love burning. God bless!

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