I’ve read an interesting book about woman.

Woman according to the Author is God’s idea, she is a product of God, this makes her God’s property. If you handle her, you are handling God’s idea. If you curse at a woman, you are cursing at God’s idea. If you slap a woman, you are slapping God’s idea in the face. If you abandon a woman, you are abandoning God’s idea.

Woman no matter what men say about you, no matter what you might think about yourself, you are a good idea. God’s mind thought of you, and God’s Spirit brought you into being. You are the result of God’s idea and that makes you very valuable to Him.

“Myles Munroe”

So women, rise up, you can do a lot of things that man can not do. Don’t let anyone tell you how much of person you are or what kind of human value you have. You are unique, you are original, you are costly, God designs you as a life giver, you can conceive, carry a baby and bring forth this new life into the world, you an influencer, you are man’s helpmate and man’s object of his love. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Man was created for a specific purpose and so with you.

Don’t ask or fight for your rights because your rights are God-give and inherent!

Woman celebrates your womanhood!


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