I’ll be away for a week, I started my TESOL training today, I just dropped by in the office to finish some work.

Wow, it’s a new experience for me, Our teacher instructed us not to speak Tagalog inside the class, and even our expressions like “no”, “ano”, “eh”, we have to eliminate those during our conversation. And we have to be aware of our accent and grammar I do speak English especially when i am talking to foreigners but i am not that conscious about my grammar and correct pronunciation. But for 45 hours i have to really force myself to speak English. I pray and hope that i will be able to imitate or embrace the accent of my three american classmates. Every time we have group discussions our group mates will grade us on how we organize our thoughts, how we pronounce the words, though it will boast your self confident if you received high grades but lower scores will reveal your weakness and point out the things that need to improve.

I realized that I am comfortable writing English rather than speaking. But again since I decided to take TESOL i have to really give my best to improve my grammar, my pronunciation, my vocabulary, etc.

You may be wondering why I suddenly take TESOL, it was actually my plan way way back. Every time i read books about missions and every time we have mission sundays in our church, the Holy Spirit was stirring my heart. I even cried every time we have mission sunday.

Yes, I want to go out and proclaim the Good News esp. to the unreached, but i really don’t know how will I do that. I planned to take TESOL next year, but suddenly God opened the door this year.

My eight years of waiting is I believed my equipping time, God taught me so many things through those years. I became closer to Him, God has confirmed His calling. And now I am just waiting for His go signal

Pray for me pls, especially for direction.


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