Barium Enema

I’ve undergone series of tests in the fast few weeks, I’ve been complaining of the pain in my lower abdomen left side and my pelvic. The doctor recommended a pelvic x-ray, the result was normal. I also complained about my stool. It became thin since Feb. this year. I was worried because one of the signs of colon cancer is thin stool and i also experienced stomach cramps. The doctor recommended me to have a Barium Enema X-ray.

Barium Enema or lower gastrointestinal (GI) Examination, according to

is an xray examination of the large intestine (colon and rectum). The test is used to help diagnose diseases and other problems that affect the large intestine. To make the intestine visible on an X-ray picture, the colon is filled with a contrast material containing barium. This is done by pouring the contrast material through a tube inserted into the anus. The barium blocks X-rays, causing the barium-filled colon to show up clearly on the X-ray picture.

There are two types of barium enemas.

  • In a single-contrast study, the colon is filled with barium, which outlines the intestine and reveals large abnormalities.
  • In a double-contrast or air-contrast study, the colon is first filled with barium and then the barium is drained out, leaving only a thin layer of barium on the wall of the colon. The colon is then filled with air. This provides a detailed view of the inner surface of the colon, making it easier to see colon polyps, colorectal cancer, or inflammation.
Barium Enema was an excruciating experience for me. I was so uncomfortable with the procedure and with the two men inside the x-ray room.

I’ve got the result, the doctor’s impression was colonic diverticulum. I was wondering if the doctor got it right because according to my research colonic diverticulum are rare in the populations of underdeveloped nations, in contrast to the frequent occurrence in Western countries, theories propose that diverticula result from the highly refined Western diet that is deficient in dietary fiber. My diet is Filipino and not western I’m sure of it.

Anyway I consulted a gastroenterologist. She assured me that I should not worry of the result. It’s not a colon cancer. What I have is IBS (Imflammatory Bowel Disease). She even asked me to have ultrasound of my whole abdomen, (the result was normal).

Do i have to trust the doctor with her findings, I don’t know sometimes I doubt. Sometimes i still worry. But worry is not coming from God, it’s from Satan. I should know that.

Instead of relying with my own feelings I surrender my health to God. I will not allow the enemy to distract the peace that God has given me. That’s his work to steal to destroy and to kill.

I rely on God’s love, knowing that He gave His only Son Jesus Christ to die for me. He gave His Son, Can’t He not also provide for my own healing? Ofcourse He can, I already experienced His miracle healing. He has proven in my life that He is my great Healer.

Forgive me Lord, for doubting. Now i realized the scheme of the enemy in my life. I believed that He can never touch me, unless you allowed it to happen for a reason.

I believed that you have healed me already and i receive that.

Thank you for my prayer partner, who is always there ready to intercede for me. Thank you A, you are a gift from above:)

Thank you Lord Jesus, for assuring me that you will never leave me nor forsake me.


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