Happiness is a choice…. a brother of mine (my kuya in ce) asked me why that sudden change in my image (a haircut that seems to be like exodus with matching color) … I told him, I just want to be different, but in reality, was kind of so bored, I want a change in my… I felt so much loneliness. I was so tired; I want to borrow the words of TD Jakes…. It seems that the weight of my little world makes me feel like I am carrying big bags of heavy stones around my heart. I feel weighted down. Hopelessness makes my heart so cold, it spreads throughout my soul, stealing my joy, killing my energy, making me weak- in body and spirit, I thought of maybe if I have the right job, the right house, the right bank account….. The right man besides me, maybe that will make me happy and complete. But I know I was wrong, so wrong.

My thinking was so misguided, if this is your measurement of happiness, then you too are misguided. Happiness is an inside job, not base on what’s going on around you. Choose happiness first; everything else will follow. Get right with God and you’ll experience happiness (TD Jakes). Putting gold band in my wedding finger or saying “I do” at a marriage altar doesn’t make me a whole or complete individual. I am that already! Single or married, I am an individual who is unique, made in the image of God.

We always declare that “God is good all the time and all the time God is good” if you believed that He is indeed good… then whatever you are into right now… trust Him… knowing that your God, is good and all the time He is good. He knows what He’s doing as the song says “He is too wise to be mistaken.” Whatever you’re into right now, it may seems that everything is against you, it may seems that no one cares, you may think that you are so weak to carry everything. Think about this…. have your realized how God loves you much that He allowed you to experience that, which only means that He trusts you. He knows that you can overcome that and that sometimes you will fail.

The only thing that He wants you to do is to keep focused on Him. He has paid the price, and now is the time to turn away from our worldly problems and center our life on the peace that only Jesus can bring.

Remember this… you can be happy if you want to be happy… … your greatest enemy is not your situation, nor anyone else nor satan, your greatest enemy is yourself… happiness is a choice… quoted from Ptr. Rey Clemente’s preaching… “Decision lang yan”

God bless.


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