Women are always tempted to be initiators. We like to get things done. We want to talk about situations and feelings, get it all in the open, deal with it. It appears to us that men often ignore and evade issues, sweep things under the rug, forget about them, get on with projects, business, pleasures, sports, go to gym, turn on the television, roll over and go to sleep. Women respond to this tendency by insisting on confrontation, communication, showdown. If we can’t dragon our men into that, we nag, we plead; we get attention by tears, silence, or withholding warmth and intimacy. We have a large bag of tricks.

A group of ladies were talking about how men are insensitive, immature, that they just want to play. The conversation goes this way, one lady lamented “why this so and so guy, when I texted him he doesn’t reply, I texted him 100 times and the only answer that I got is “thank you.” Another lady mentioned that he thought that the man she’s going out with was just playing with her emotions and so one day she confronted the guy… and asked him… “do you like me” I’m sure the guy got shocked… it was good that he likes her also. What if he said… “hey, we just go out for a couple of times and you expect me to like you or you are just a sister to me” I’m sure this will surely hurt the young woman; this will make her feel rejected and betrayed.

You see we expect too much from men. When we text them we expect them to text back. When they hold our hands we thought that they already loved us. When they go to bed with us, we thought that they will marry us. Men want to play. Some women branded men as immature, insensitive, apathetic species. They lead us on, try to get what they can out of us, they deceive us (men are these things true?).

I guess men generally want to play. So ladies what do we do now… let’s remain single, let’s just date our fellow ladies (joke). What I am trying to say is I want to borrow the word of Elizabeth Elliot. I beg women to wait. Wait on God. Keep your mouth shut. Don’t expect anything until the declaration is clear and forthright.

Men please be careful with us. Treat us like crystals, so be circumspect. Don’t take advantage of our being emotional. All we want is to be loved. (ewwwwww)

For me, it’s not a taboo to express your feelings, ( I know for some men this is a big turn-off ) but you should be ready for the consequence. You might get hurt when the guy will tell you “I’m sorry but you are just a sister to me” or “You are a nice girl, but let’s just be friend” at least you tried but my Pastor always reminded me of this “you are a Filipino lady” which means don’t be an initiator.


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