Is kiss a sin? What’s wrong with kissing? Everybody does it anyway? It’s just a kiss? You just gargle. You can’t be pregnant by just kissing? I don’t know either if kissing is a sin. But let’s have Elizabeth Elliot view “I can say that it might be. I can say that it might take the edge off, spoil taste and the pleasure later on. It might reduce power.”

A young woman was being asked why she doesn’t want to be kissed. The young woman replied, not that I don’t want to, it’s a good feeling to be kissed, I’m not perfect and I’m not frigid, I want it to but it’s my choice not to do that. I don’t want to be the stumbling block to my fellow believers. I don’t want to stimulate my appetites or his appetites. I don’t want to distract his energies and my thoughts.

What can a kiss do to me? It will reduce my power.

Is intimacy necessary before marriage? What do you think? Consider the story of Rebekah and Isaac.


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