It is really hard to move on especially when the one made you in pain is the one you really desire and you really love. The thoughts still keep coming back in your mind, those sweet memories together and the care he/she gave to you. But we have to accept the fact that there are things not really meant for each other.

They said for you to get over to that someone, love must be gone, and find another that would love you but I beg to disagree.

Love is not renewable, revocable or callable that you can give then later on call it back when things happen not the way you want it.

ACCEPTANCE is the best medicine to cure a wounded heart. You just have to realize the lesson brought by your past. You should not let yourself be soaked in the shadow of pain. Move on face the world.

You can also find someone you can love MORE THAN the love that you gave to the previous one. Never and never compare the current to the past coz it is unfair to the former (current)

You can only say that you’ve already moved on to that someone when you can face him/her with a smile in your face, love in your heart and the thought that you are not really meant for each other.

This piece of writing gave to me by a friend of mine. It wasn’t for me, though before I’ve been to painful relationships also. The writer is somehow right. But let me give you my piece, about letting go and getting over. Friendsters I know you guys… mending a broken right… read this….

I’ve been through a lot of painful relationships… (wow dami ha)…. I knew how it feels to be betrayed, I knew how it feels to be rejected, I knew how you feel and I understand you. It’s really painful, di ba girls… the pain seems unbearable, hatred, bitterness, love, shame, name it you have those things in your heart. You want to kill that person, you want to get even. But as Christians we should not do that. Some naman.. .keep on expecting and hoping.. they tried to be friend with their ex- bf, keep communicating….. but girl if a man told you this “let’s just be friend” give him a flying kick and black eye…that’s our normal reaction diba?, but since you’re a Christian already… just accept his friendship… but stop communicating with him or hoping that someday you will have a happy ending. Now you may disagree with that. Why did I say stop communicating with him. How can you get over if you keep on communicating with him? STOP IT, although it’s really hard, but for your own SAKE do that. After a month you will get used to that. Go out with your friends. Have fellowship. And most of all cling to God, because only HIM can give you the real security, only HIM can love you unconditionally.

Now here’s another thing that you will do. If you really heard from God that this guy is HIS will for you, then fight for him. Although he seems like he’s not worth fighting for. Fight for him because despite and in spite of what he did, still he is the best for you, If you are really sure ha, baka naman akala mo si God nag-speak sa ‘yo sarili mo pala narinig mo. Now if the guy told you that you are not the will of God for him. Then accept that with open heart, that means God prepared someone better than him.

Though you have painful experiences.. girl it’s not yet the end of the world, don’t blame yourself, don’t blame the guy and don’t blame God. Learn from your experience. What I have learned from my past relationships was… I have to wait for the lord. For almost 4 years I never dated anyone… if God says no.. then I will obey although the guy is cute.. (meron ba) hahahaha…….. I’m not getting any younger ‘no. Although loneliness is sometimes unbearable and that sometimes it makes my heart freezing.. I just bear it… I’d rather be lonely that marry someone who is not the will of God.

God naman is not sadistic that He wants to see us in pain. He knows how we feel if you haven’t received any word from God that you have a gift of singleness then, have hope, he prepared someone for you… He has prepared someone for us.. just be ready He might give you someone that is.. really really far from the man u want to marry. Atleast meron.. Atleast you know that he’s from above.. and God will not give a pirated.. He will give you the BEST…. IT IS WORTH WAITING FO


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