Tired of Waiting?

Nothing was harder for a woman in love to endure. I know someone who has been going out with her friend. She fell in love with her friend. But the problem is she doesn’t know if her friend also has the same feelings toward her. The problem is she did expect already from the guy….but she was hurt and was disappointed when that expectations didn’t come in reality

Here’s another scenario, two friends have been going out, they are Christians, generally it’s the will of God. They like each other, they enjoy each other’s company, They’re hoping that someday they will end up being together. But they are just friends. The man is gentleman enough to say that he will not start any relationship unless he receives confirmation from God. That’s the sign of maturity.


Although it’s really hard and somehow painful but it’s better that way… it will only more painful for both of them if they will continue the relationship and found out that they are not the will of God for each other. If it’s God’s will then He will make a way. What they can do now is to just leave each other in God’s hands.

Remember this unless a man is prepared to ask a woman to be his wife, what right has he to claim her exclusive attention? Unless she has been asked to marry him, why would a sensible woman promise any man her exclusive attention? If, when the time has come for a commitment, he is not a man enough to ask her to marry him, she should give him no reason to presume that she belongs to him.


I am a person who doesn’t want to rest. When I received a word from God, I want it do be done right now.. as in now na LORD… waiting is the hardest thing that a single woman or man can ever do. Waiting also can save us from future heartaches and disappointments.


F.B Meyer said “ if God told you on the front end how long you would wait to find the fulfillment of your desire or pleasure or dream, you’d lose heart. You’d grow weary in well doing. So would I. But He doesn’t. He just says “Wait”. I keep My word. I’m in no hurry. In the process of time I’m developing you to be ready for the promise”


If you’re single and praying for God’s will and until now you haven’t receive the answer, maybe God is developing and preparing you for that great day, or maybe God wants you to be satisfied first with Him before giving you to the person that He has prepared for you. Enjoy your being single while you still have time. Do now the things that a married man or woman can not do.


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