I attended a one week TESOL training, 3rd week of April under the Project Light. The training was awesome, the Holy Spirit kept on visiting us during the week. We started at 8AM for our devotional time. Even during the first day when our teacher shared about Acts 2, the day of Pentecost, my spirit leaped with anticipation, my heart and soul were awaken. I was impregnated on the first day. Right now I am pregnant with dreams upon dreams, visions upon visions, revelations upon revelations.

I want to see people come to Christ, I want to see believers to be broken, I want to see believers filled with the Holy Spirit to have a power like that of a dynamite. I want to see Christians make a difference in this corrupt world.

I am currently reading the book of Acts and it is amazing indeed how the Holy Spirit moved during the early church. If only every believer of Jesus realized the power that is in them.

We have a DUNAMIS power.

I really thank God for allowing me to be part of this training. I thank Him for allowing me to meet people like my classmates. I do miss them.

I thank Him for allowing me to know deeper a person like my teacher. Who really loved the Lord so much. Just like Mary the mother of Jesus. She is indeed highly favored by God. She is secure in her relationship with the Lord. It’s an honor for me to be taught by an anointed teacher and Pastor like her.

The training was fun, although it’s sometimes nerve wracking. But I am sure everybody enjoyed the training.

Right now I am just waiting for my Master’s command. I am ready to give birth. While waiting I need also to equip myself as the Holy Spirit equips me.

PHOTO-2nd row from left-sherri, doms, baby, chaz( baptized him as clarke, Lanie, chaz wife,vic,ron,mel,mark and kevin, 1st row from left-vivian(korean hip-hop dancer,maria(the tambourine dancer), my teacher (sis. evelyn,jhunnelle(that’s me)and precious(so sweet and wife of mark)


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