MOTHER’S REACTION WHEN HER DAUGHTER ASKED "Is It okey for you if I remain single"

I talked to my mother about my plan to be a missionary. I know a lot of missionaries who are single. I thought of the possibility that I might become like them. So I asked her this “Mama, is it okey for you if i remain single for the rest of my life. My mother became speechless and silent. She never answered me.

I guess it’s my mother’s fear seeing her oldest daughter single for the rest of her life. I am also wondering why until now I am still single. Did I miss my chance to get married?:) Am I so picky?

Or maybe I’ll try my brother’s (brother in Christ) advice to make some effort to meet some guys or join ministries where you can find single guys like “singles ministry” or young adults ministry. But I don’t want to join those ministries with the purpose of meeting the “Mr. Right”, nothing wrong with that though. Just like Rebekah she positioned herself in a “well”, well here in today’s context is the church or the place where Christian singles meet.

My advice for the singles out there. The general will of God in choosing your partner is in 2 Cor. 5:14-18. Remember this, marriage will not solve all your longings for intimacy and belongingness, only Jesus can. You’ll never be satisfied in a relationship until you’re satisfied with Jesus.

Be blessed my friend.


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