(Note: I asked permission from the author to repost her article; About the author: Elsie Reyes is the 6th in a family of 10, her parents are both teacher. She is also an educator and currently serving as the COO of Asian Center for Missions(ACM). She finished her doctoral studies last May at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. Prior to working with ASCM she served as a missionary church planter/teacher in Chennai India from 1995 to 2000, ). For more info about the author visit

The best ways for a person who feels called to missions to prepare himself/herself are:

* Be accountable. Have an accountability group. This group may be comprised of your church leadership, your family and your trusted friends.

* Be actively involved in your local church ministries. You cannot be an effective minister in a cross-cultural setting is you are not an effective ministry in the local setting.

* Remember, “You are a missionary now.” This means you have to develop all the personal disciplines, habits, skills that you will need in the mission field today. You do not start being prayerful, or reading your Bible and having your regular DTAWG in the mission field. You work on those disciplines and make them an integral part of your daily walk with God here and now.

* Work on your relational and communication skills. Ministry whether it be local or international is all about relationships. Most stress in the ministry comes from relational conflicts. Develop your relational skills now. Your starting point is yourself. Make sure you are aware of your own personal issues and are dealing with them. Having good relational skills is also key to friend-raising which is really what fund-raising is all about. Good relational and communicational skills will facilitate effective witnessing.

* Be a student. Learn anything you can learn now. Do not waste any opportunities that come your way. Opportunities to learn may come in the form of adversity. In those times understand that everything is allowed by God for a reason and will have a bearing to your missionary calling. Learn to practice faith on a daily basis. Meditating on Romans 8:28 will help you accept God’s opportunities for growth. If you are still in school, be an excellent student and learn every good thing you can learn from school. Remember you are a missionary now and effective missionaries are lifetime learners.

* Wait for the right time for release into the mission field. God’s will will take place without you helping Him. Rest in the knowledge that the God who called you will direct your steps. If you walk in daily obedience to His words then you need not worry over when you can go as a missionary. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, strength and soul NOW.

The rest God will show you.

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  1. Hi hershey, you can check Ma’am Elsie on theemergenetwork, if you want you can sign-up also.Thank you for taking time to browse my blog.Blessings to you.

  2. Hi Jhunnel,I love reading your blogs…nakakatuwa kase we have similar struggles, joys in some point…anyway after reading your blog on “How can I best prepare to be a missionary” i immideiately browse the site of ACM (thanks for the link) on monday (May 19) i would be starting my training for the CWMC (pre-requisite for the MTP program) i know everythng happens for a cause,& God orchestrated everythng for the fulfillment of His purpose.****Hershey****

  3. wow praise God hershey, I am also planning to enroll for their free training, am still praying for that, i mean for right timing.see around! May the Lord richly bless you, and may He reveals more of Himself to you as you seek HimBlessings

  4. Hi Jhunnel! Sa Monday na class nila sana youll join para magka classmate tayo hehehehe…God bless you more! See you around i mean in person…..nag kita na ba tayo?**** Hershey ****

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