I feel sick, In times like this, I wish my family is beside me. A family where you can go home, where you can rest and relax without thinking what will you going to cook for food. where you can eat without thinking who will wash the dishes. You can ask them to wash your clothes. You can ask someone to buy medicines for you. You’re at peace when you are at home with your family, knowing that anytime you need a help, you can call them and they will run to you without delay, even when they are busy

This is the disadvantage of living alone. Away from your family. When you are in pain, physically, emotionally, no one will take care of you. Yes, others may cry with you, others may help you, they have cared. But in the confinement of our humanness, the demands of their lives must take precedence and in the end you shall stand alone.

In times like this, i miss my home in the province and my home in heaven, but my mission is not yet finish.

Now I understand Paul when He said in Philippians “I desire to depart and be with Christ , which is better by far”

Be blessed!

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