I want a very simple wedding, I want it to be blessed and solemnized by a Pastor. What to wear on my wedding day?- no wedding gown, no white shoes, no veil, in short I just want to wear a simple yet elegant dress. (I want the style of the gown on the photo but it i prefer red) My groom’s attire- I want him to wear a suit. Who are the guests?- if possible, only our family members, closest friends and our Pastors. Where is the Reception? restaurant or church

I want my wedding to be simple, intimate and informal. One big table is enough where we can look at each others’ faces and talk. It’s more on sharing and fellowshipping.

It may sound weird, but that’s what I want. I’ve attended weddings and I thought I want something like the traditional wedding. I realized that yes I want to get married but I don’t like the hassles of traditional wedding.

What I don’t like about the traditional wedding?

  • I don’t want to wear wedding gown, during weddings my eyes are on the bride, she looks beautiful with her wedding gown, but boy, when she starts to march, she can’t even walk properly because the gown is so heavy or too long that she can step on the hem or the heels are too high that she can’t even walk.
  • I don’t like heavy make-up, unless I guess if it will be done by the famous make up artist in town.
  • I don’t like the hassles of the preparation, I guess even if you gonna hire a wedding planner or coordinator, you still need to check or talk to them.
  • During the wedding, I don’t like late visitors or visitors who confirmed their attendance but during the wedding day, you can see empty seats. Worst late principal and secondary sponsors.
  • I don’t like maid of honors who are not aware of their roles especially during the ceremony.

I do care about my wedding, but I care about the days beyond our wedding much much more. The extravagant pageantry of weddings used to be reserved for royalty and super rich, but now people are saving and even borrowing money to put on these extravagant productions. It’s not really worth to take on that much debt for one day of being harassed by relatives you barely know while wearing extremely uncomfortable clothes.

Well, there is one reason that will change my mind, unless God tells me to have a traditional wedding. Even I guess my groom will shoulder all the expenses, if I can convince him to just have a simple wedding, I prefer to have my ideal.

As what I’ve read from an article Love is free, getting married should be free. I don’t know if you agree with me. Having a simple wedding is not less meaningful than the marriages of those who had spectacular ceremony. I prefer to save the money for the future. It may sound weird or selfish, but I guess there’s nothing wrong with that. Of course I do respect those women who want to have a traditional or spectacular wedding. We have our preferences.


© 2008 by jhunnelle


One thought on “MY IDEAL WEDDING

  1. The wedding dress looks terrific, I bet you’d look great too in it. Of course I’ll wear a suit for the wedding, because I really don’t like traditional Chinese dresses. Regarding the type of wedding you wrote, I agree with you. The wedding reception should be held in a church, since we are ministers of God. Our wedding should represent our identities and ideals. A simple wedding is a good suggestion, what matters in a happy marriage is not the wedding, which is momentary. But how we love each other in a life time. Even after the life-long commitment on earth, we have the assurance to enter heaven. I’m very excited about the idea that we will be married next year, and we’ll become husband and wife. I pray that we will have a sacred marriage that glorifies God’s name. We will treasure each other as blessings from heaven. Being united as a couple, same time followers of Jesus Christ. That is the guarantee of blessed marriage. This is how I see marriage. I assume my bride will agree too

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