Almost a decade now since I started praying for God’s will. The long wait is over. Someone realized that I am his missing rib. 

His proposal was quite different from the normal proposal. He asked our Senior Pastor first. This is how he proposed

“I mentioned about sis Jhunnel Sebastian, who has been attending Makati church since 1997. She was in the Medical Ministry before, now she is one of the CE teachers and 4:30 Workers. She studied TESOL and wants to work as an overseas missionary. Since we met, we talked a lot and love each other very much. Right now, we are praying for marriage and working together in China. She can work as an English teacher to support the ministry and assist me in the church. Pastor Gerry, you are our senior pastor and Spiritual Director. So we ask for your advice. Is it ok for us to marry and serve WWCF in China? We’ve been praying for this and now I think it’s a good time to ask for your permission”

He asked our Pastor first, maybe because he really wanted to get my “YES”. We have almost a year of getting to know each other. We really didn’t have that formal relationship, until we both heard from God. I received confirmation first, I asked so many signs from God and everything had been fulfilled.

I surrender him to God when he told me that he’s not ready for commitment yet and his priority is the ministry. I surrender him to God. It was the start of this year that I started planning to be a tentmaker in the 10/40 window. I finished my TESOL training, April this year. I’ve got my proposal May 29, I wasn’t surprised actually. That, I’ve been expecting.

I’ll be done with my KAIROS training on Friday, this is pre-requisite course for my Mission Training Program this October.

I thank God for him. He’s a blessing from above. Not only that he’s cutie(in my eyes he’s the most handsome guy, God blinded me so I won’t be looking to right and to left(lol)), but what I admired from him, is his passion to serve the Lord. It’s indeed a blessing to have someone who has the same faith and vision as yours.

Next year I’ll be joining him in China and in serving the Lord. We believe that God has great plans for us and for the ministry that he entrusted to us. We believe that He will enlarge our territories, we believe that He will use us for His glory alone. We want this marriage to glorify Him alone. We prayed for this and now He answered us.

He has blessed us that others may be blessed through us. We want this marriage to glorify Him alone.

He deserved all the Glory. Honor and Praise.

© 2008 by jhunnelle



  1. Hello Jhunnel im so happy for you sis!!! I know God will truly bless you…I know how patiently youve waited for it…I dnt exactly know it personally pero i can say kase im an avid reader of your blog hahahaha maybe if not from your blog i wont be able to attend kairos. -Hershey Chan

  2. hi bro. thank you so much for dropping by, please remember us always in your prayers, let’s keep in touch through my blog. Multiply is blocked in China, so I might be using blogspot.Blessings

  3. hi hershey,thank you so much. Please pray for us ha, especially the ministry in China. Next year punta na ako dun. Attend pala ako MTP this October. Nag-MTP ka ba?I’m sure yung gift sa ‘yo ni Lord (God’s will) on the way naLet’s keep on growing in His grace and Love.Blessings sis.

  4. Hi Jhunnel, yeah will pray and support the two of you in the most possible ways i can… super kinilig lang ako kanina when i read your blog hahaha.Newei sis, im so happy for you…Im know God will bless you.

  5. i honestly got teary eyed as i read your blog.. we’ve known each other for years, since i started with CE.. and i know how we used to kid around having God’s will and the like.. but God indeed is an answering God and nothing seems impossible to Him. wow, albert and jhunnel.. what a pair! albert+jhunnel+God, what a trio! i am immensely happy for you. and i might add, you are a prolific writer 🙂

  6. ang sweet naman…^&^ though i dont know you personally im inspired by your posts and i admire your strong conviction. God bless you and your future hubby!!! ^^rayanne

  7. wow! can i have a permission to post this on the ACM blog? To give inspiration to those missionaries we have whose, until now, is still waiting for God’s will for them? This is truly amazing.. we praise God for you….!

  8. HI Jhunelle,I’ve been reading your blog from time to time. You give a lot of inspiration. CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes! That’s a great morning news! Who’s the lucky guy? God bless you as always!rhoda

  9. Wow! China? I know, like, eleven missionaries in China already. lol.I wish I could be there with some of my friends now, but apparently God has other plans for me here. It’s hard trusting Him when I think that I know what’s best for me. I have to try harder to remember that I DON’T know everything!Congrats on your engagement! :]God bless you both!

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