I posted my solo photo in my friend’s (whom i will marry soon) friendster account, i thought it’s okey for him, but he found it weird to have my solo picture in his friendster account. I asked myself what’s wrong with that unless ofcourse if he’s ashamed of me. I hope he’s not. But to avoid conflict i just deleted it and transferred in my account. As what Shaunti Feldhanhn (a bestselling author) What’s going on in there? Have you ever totally confused by something your man has said or done? 

Yeh, somehow i was confused. But of course i understand that woman and man were created differently, the way we feel, the way we think, the way we reasoned, the way we relate with others are absolutely different.

Another thing that i noticed from him is don’t ever ever change or touch something without informing him first. Well for me , if i have given you the permission to use, touch or borrow my things or if i have given you the permission to edit, change, etc my social networking accounts, you don’t need to ask my permission again and again, just go ahead and do whatever you want, i trusted you anyway.

Well that’s how we created. We are different. Conflict begins when you are trying to force something that you want. The key to a beautiful relationship is understanding each other. Understand that God created you differently.

© 2008 by jhunnelle


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