SEVERAL YEARS AGO when I was speaking at Moody Bible Institute, a lady wrote me a note saying, “I didn’t worry about getting married. I did leave my future to God’s will. But every night I hung a pair of men’s pants on bed and knelt down and prayed this prayer, ‘Father in heaven, hear my prayer. And grant if You can. I’ve hung a pair of trousers here. Please fill them with a man.” Isn’t that a great letter? 

Well, I read that, the next week when I got back to the church I pastored in Fullerton, California. It didn’t fit my sermon; I just rammed it in because I thought it was such a great letter. The father and the older son of a family I knew were in the church, but the mother was home with a sick daughter. When I read the woman’s note I watched them. The father just cracked up laughing, but the boy was rather serious. Interestingly, several weeks later I got a letter from the mother who hadn’t been in the service. She wrote, “Dear Chuck, I’m wondering if i have something to worry about. I’ve noticed that our son, when he goes to bed at night, has this bikini hanging over the food of his bed.”

I’ve read this from Favorite Stories and Illustrations by Charles Swindoll. The story is funny, I remember 5 years ago while I was in prayer mountain, praying for God’s will. God impressed upon me that I’ll be marrying someone who is younger than me, He even gave the age, and it’s 28. I was wondering, how could that be, I was 27 then. But i kept that in my heart. Another impression was, that our Senior Pastor knew this guy, and that I will meet him during our church anniversary. So every time we have our church anniversary my eyes were on the visitors, my eyes were roaming for potential mate (lol), since our senior pastor knew this guy, he might be an American also, i actually want to marry an American, i want my kids to have blue eyes..LOL

Well, somehow the impressions that I’ve got were right, I actually didn’t believe those until I met Albert, except ofcourse for the American, I know it’s a selfish desire, i want to marry an American because just like most of the Pinays we want to leave our country.

It was October 2006 when I first met Albert, he was introduced to us by our missionary from China, and that he will be studying in a seminary. I didn’t notice him until November during our anniversary in PICC, he was cutie and handsome wearing a coat, I did want to approach him but i didn’t have courage to do so.

December 2006 during our retreat with 4:30 service workers when i gave up my desire to get married. I told God, “Lord I accept now your verdict, if you want me to be single forever then so be it.” Little did I know that January of 2007, I will gonna meet God’s will for me. Click here for the story.

I remember when I was in prayer mountain, I was praying this “Lord, I must like this person that you’ll give to me, because I don’t wanna experience like what other’s had experienced, when they met their wife or husband, they really did not like them. So please, allow me to like him the moment that our eyes met, LOL” and so God said “so be it.” When I first met Albert, I guess I like him already. Thats’ why I was challenged when he ignored after our disciple training with Ptr. Timmy. I actually called him first.

What about God’s impression to me? Yes, Albert is turning 28 this November, and our Senior Pastor knew him, I met him October, few days before our church anniversary, i took notice of him during the anniversary, though he is not an American and his eyes are not blue colorf, but he is hazel eyed Chinese who has a mix of American and British accent (LoL). God has a humor indeed.

I did pray for my partner in life for almost 10 years, I know what it liked to have an unbelieving boyfriend, I’ve met Christian men, but our relationship didn’t work. When Albert came into my life I asked for so many signs from God because this time I want a relationship that is serious and will glorify him and all were fulfilled.

What I am trying to say here is, God can orchestrate everything, for the singles out there, continue to hope, continue to pray.

I know how hard it is to wait but God is faithful to His promises. What He had planned it will surely come to pass.

© 2008 by jhunnelle


2 thoughts on “FINDING GOD’S WILL

  1. hi jhunnelle,you dont know me (of course, me too!) lol, i first saw your blogsite when i was trying to look out for a write-up regarding touch of glory… and that was it… i started reading ur blog.. hahahainstantly, i relate to most of what you wrote about singlehood… guess what, we’re of the same age and i, too am a born-again christian… i’m so blessed by your lovestory.. on how God wrote it.. it’s really so amazing… it somehow encourages and gives me hope that someday, God will give me the man He has promised me… “a man after His own heart”…well, God bless you more and more…one thing more, i admire you for having a heart for the mission… wow! China is a great task… but God will equip you and your husband to be. =PMatt 25:21… May it be said to you… =P

  2. hi ZhaZha, thank you for taking time to read my blog, thank you too for leaving a comment. I do appreciate it so much.I thank God, for He spoke to you through my blog. That served the purpose of it.Keep on hoping, and just focus on the Lord while waiting for that great time….the time that He will reveal to you the man that you’ve been praying for:)Blessings Sis. Hope to see u again in my blog.You have a nice site. Keep on posting.Jhunnelle

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