Albert and I have a discussion about certain issue the other day. Our views were different. Well i wanna win, i tried to push what I want. No, we both wanted to win our case. I started to feel angry, but I remembered the passage in the bible “submit and respect your husband” though he isn’t my husband yet, I have to start doing it now because he’ll become my husband soon. So to avoid conflict between us, I gave way, I gave up my pride and settle the issue once and for all.



I remember that this is the passage in the bible that I can’t really accept or it is hard for me to accept. I have this thinking before, why should I submit, we were created equal. I’ll fight for what i think is right. But what i have mentioned in my previous blog, that it is a choice to submit. You may not want to do it especially when you know that what you are saying or doing is right, but we still need to submit because only by doing that, we are “covered and protected”



If you believe that this man truly loves you and only wants the best for you, then trust him that his decision is not to feed his ego. Anyway God gave you that person, trusting him means trusting the Giver. What will you do if you are one hundred percent sure that you are true and he is wrong. Leave that matter to God, if there is one person or first person to be consulted when there is disagreement. It must be God. Though it’s hard to pray when you’re angry with each other but still you need to. Ask the Lord that He may both clear your heart with any anger or hatred and allow Him to speak to both of you. He may change your heart or your man’s heart. It is when both your spirit is united that your mind will unite.



I’ve heard from my Pastor that marriage is an adjustment. I only realized now, that marriage indeed is an adjustment. I haven’t married yet, but even now I am already adjusting.



As a single you only think of yourself, you can buy whatever you want, go to places without asking anyone(except your family), do whatever you want(like sleeping in a couch:). But suddenly everything changed, you need to consider other’s feeling and opinion, i can no longer sleep in a couch, skip meals because someone is reminding me that it is not good for my health.



You set aside your own dreams and desires and consider his dreams and desires also. That’s marriage, it is no longer I, it’s no longer “my needs, my opinions, my decisions, my feelings but you consider also his needs, his opinions, his decisions and feelings.



Marriage is dying to self. It may not sound good, but marriage is a gift from God and meant to be enjoyed. You can only experience the real meaning of marriage when you realized and knew your real purpose in life, and you will only know that, when you make Jesus Christ as the center of your relationship. 

© 2008 by jhunnelle

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