I’m just thinking, does it matter to God if i have a wedding in China or a traditional wedding here in the Philippines? 

Everytime a churchmate asks me when and where will be our wedding I feel burdened. For practical reason and to avoid the stress of wedding preparations I prefer my wedding to be in China.

I’ll go to China not for the reason of greener pasture but as a missionary. So instead of spending our savings for the wedding we just save that for the future. We might be needing that especially that we’ll just starting a ministry.

Our family doesn’t care about our wedding, as long as we’ll get married. If i have my wedding here it is only because of my churchmates and my friends.

So my question now is, does it really matter to God? A friend once told me, you ask from the Lord. Does God want me to have my wedding in China or here in the Philippines? I heard testimonies from others that they planned their wedding even without budget but God provided sponsors.

Sigh, I am confused. I haven’t heard confirmation from God when it comes to the place. Hope someone will help me. I wanna get over with thissss.

© 2008 by jhunnelle


2 thoughts on “I AM CONFUSED

  1. Hi,It’s up to you and your partner I think :(I’m not interested in marriage. So, I’ve got no idea about it 😦 :(Enjoy and Best of Luck for your married life. :-)Psychic power

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