Lord, I feel tired tonight. 

The worries and cares of this world
seem like too heavy to carry.

I’ve got so much in mind

Questions that are unanswered.

I want to see my future,
but I know I can’t.

Lord, I know that loneliness
is not from you.

But sometimes I feel that way,

Maybe because I entertain him,
when he knocks.

Lord, I know that no one can
help me except You.

That’s why I say Lord,

Can you get the heaviness in my heart.

Lord, I surrender them all to you.

I don’t wanna carry them,
because i can’t bear the heaviness

Lord, I just want to rest in your arms.

Lord, I just want to feel your embrace.

Lord, can I cry once again in your shoulder.

Lord, can you wipe again my tears.

Lord, can you carry me once again.

Lord I want to sleep in your presence.

Knowing that tomorrow,
You will wake me up with a smile in your face.

And so, i say

My soul finds rest in You alone;
my salvation comes from you.
You alone is my rock and my salvation;
You are my fortress, I will never be shaken.(Ps.62:1)

© 2008 by jhunnelle


2 thoughts on “LORD, CAN YOU CARRY ME?

  1. That is very encouraging and so true. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Thank you also for stopping by my blog and linking to me and FF. I welcome you back!Blessings!Miss Jocelyn

  2. Hi Lady Jhunnelle… Did you write this? it is a very heartwarming surrender unto the Lord. I know he loves a heart that comes openly to him. When full surender and realness approach his throne, he is there ready to fill you up with nothing but himself. He reaches down and touches the soul that cries out to him, isn’t that awesome. I wanted to tell you that my Dad was from Ilocos Norte, Sorry I’m not sure of the spelling. He came to Hawaii, married my mom who is portuguese. I always wanted to visit his home country but when he passed away I never pursued it, maybe oneday. You asked if you could link to my site and that is fine. I will come and visit you as well.Aloha Lorie

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