I just wanna say that “I MISS YOU” 

I hope that everything is well with you.

I hope that you have a nice bed to sleep,

A nice food to eat

A hot water to bath

And most of all I hope that you are

happy and fulfilled with what you

are doing.

I may not see you but I know that our Father

will always check on you.
He’ll check the things that you need .
He’ll check if your health is okey.
and so if ever you lack anyhting
I am sure, He will provide it.
if ever you are sick, I am sure He
will heal you.

Because I always ask Him to protect
and guard you.

So why should I worry, where in fact
He sends His angels to guard you.

And so I say, thank you Father what else
can I say, you are the perfect Father
that I can ever have.

© 2008 by jhunnelle


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