The writer had an argument with her fiance. She’s trying to contact him, but the fiance is not answering his cellphone. She is thinking, if she is not engaged, does she still want to go to China as missionary, the writer’s answer is yes.

The writer has been restless for the past weeks, but right now she’s pursuing peace and the Author of peace. That is what she wants right now “PEACE” and she can only do that by surrendering her will to the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. She thought, that she already surrendered her will to God, but in reality she’s still struggling with that, maybe that’s the reason why she has been restless for the past weeks. The writer will do everything to have this peace and so what she’s doing now is to pursue the Prince of Peace.

She has surrendered the wedding plan to God, she doesn’t know what will happen next. She doesn’t know if the conflict will still be solved. But no matter what, the writer wants to pursue her calling to share the gospel.

The writer’s next plan is nothing, she just want to be still and wait upon the Lord patiently. She has plans too but all she wants right now is to surrender to God whatever plans she has.

The writer admits that there are a lot of things in her that need to be polished, baggages that need to be surrendered to the Owner of the Clay.

The writer is asking for your prayers.

© 2008 by jhunnelle


  1. Hi My sister..I just wanted to say thank you from my heart for your prayers I give God the glory for a good report this far. I think being still and waiting on the Lord is always the best choice. My Husband and I have been together 32 yrs and I know the one thing that we agree on is that we never go to bed angry and we try to resolve the issue. If we cannot resolve it we let each other know that we are not upset with each other and we pray and ask the Lord to help us see things more clearly in the morning. The one word that has kept us strong is the word forgiveness. There can be no peace without it.I know you will work it out I am praying for you and I know your heart for the Lord is evident in your writing.Hugz Lorie

  2. Hi Lorie, thank you for droppin’ by once again, and thank you too for the encouragement, I thank God and praise Him for we’re okey now. Yes we were able to forgive each other, it’s all because of God’s love for us.

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