The writer and her fiance were okey now, they were able to settle their misunderstandings:), the writer was so happy and thankful with God. He allowed these things to happen in their relationship, for them to know more each other. For them to develop their relationship. God revealed also the couple’s own weaknesses, things that need to be surrendered and deal by the Lord.

The writer wants to share about hopelessness, the struggle that she has been in the past few days. Hopelessness is spiritual sickness like a cancer, it is an attack of the enemy and if you will not guard yourself with this it will spread throughout your soul body and spirit. It will steal your joy your peace and you feel like there is no reason to go on. You feel worthless and stagnant. You feel like you are not moving you are stuck and you don’t know how to get out. Everything seems falling apart. It makes you weak physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The only antidote to hopelessness is being soak in the presence of God. Being alone with the Lord. Pray constantly, read His word because that’s where you find the promises of God, because when you’re hopeless, doubts, fears, negative thoughts will flood you. And so you need to be reminded of His word. Oftentimes when hopelessness attack you, you want to isolate yourself but during this time that you need most your church. Join your brothers and sisters who will uplift you and not to bring you down, because there are people in the church that instead of lifting you up they will judge you.

My Lord in the darkness of my life,

I look at you and there you become my light,

In my solitude there i find rest in you.

Everything may be falling apart,

But you are my Rock that can not be moved.

Your word is the food of my soul

the lamp unto my feet.

Oh Lord, how faithful You are

Your love, that I can not fathom.

Your love is that I can never understand,

because it is so wide, it is so high that men can not grasp it.

And so I give to You my life.

Consume me with your presence.

Even in the darkness of my life

I want to shout ” I LOVE YOU LORD”

© 2008 by jhunnelle

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  1. Hi Lady Jhunnelle, thanks for stopping by my blog and your encouragement. It is a joy to meet you! Thanks for sharing the lovely poem and your heart with us. Thank God for helping and blessing you. I said a prayer for you. May God keep you near to Him always! Truly God is our Refuge and Strength. Take care and God bless!

  2. What a beautiful post. He is a awesome God, and sounds like he has his hands upon you. I will be back to read more, thank you, it’s always a encouragement to read these type of notes, and getting other insights, makes you look at your life as well.Have a blessed weekSharon 🙂

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