It’s hard to have a long distance relationship. We planned to get married this December, but sometimes I wanna give up already. It seems that our communication is not improving. I’m trying to work it out but seems so hard. I heard from someone that the burden of making the relationship work is on the women. I didn’t believe that because any relationship is a partnership, both parties should try their very best to work it out.

I’m afraid that this will be another part of my “past” My previous relationships ended because of lack of communication, that’s why as much as I can I’m trying my best to save this relationship but I feel like it’s a one sided love affair:), and i feel like by doing that I am not doing my role as a woman, I still believed that women should be pursued, that women were created as passive. But with what I am doing it seems that I am the pursuer and the one who is aggressive:(

There are three things that I considered the most important in a relationship. My number one is commitment, next is communication and third is love.

Commitment is my motivating factor to communicate at a deep and intimate level because without communication the love will start to fade.

I will just entrust this relationship to my Lord, He allowed these things to happen for a purpose. And so whatever is in His mind right now, I trust Him, knowing that He only wants the best for me. The only thing that i can do now is to be close to Him. I want to be in the center of His will, because that’s the only best and safest place i know. And so my soul wants to say to Him.

You are my rock my refuge in times of distress.

You let my feet stand on solid ground

That i might not be moved when strong wind comes along my way.

Oh Lord I desire to do your will, i want to glorify your name.

My soul may be downcast.

Still i will trust in You.

It is better to put my trust in you than to man.

Your love is flawless, perfect and pure.

The love that You have, that i can exchange.

I will rest in your love.

I will rest in you Lord Jesus

© 2008 by jhunnelle



  1. Hey Sweetie,I know things are tough for you right now. I am going to pray that God strengthens you and gives you clear direction. If you have already contemplated breaking off the relationship and for what sounds like good reason; listen for the voice of God and his direction. Search out the scriptures and let God show you his plan for you. I know it can be difficult making such huge decisions. I am thankful that decision was made almost 9 years ago for me, and my hubby and I are so happy. I would rather your heart be broken now rather than a few years down the road if your communication problems worsened. I will keep you on the top of my prayer list~! Many blessings in Christ,Aunt Jen

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