Very Unique Music Instruments Set Apart for the Lord

bass guitar and drums


I was teary eyed while looking at this photos, i grabbed this from my friend’s multiply Ptra. Evelyn Martin. Music instruments of JESUS OUR SAVIOR, Four Square Gospel Church in Pili Siquijor, Philippines. I just wanna share these to you. 

I’m sure God enjoys listening to the sounds of these instruments.

worshp center

I will praise you Oh God among the nations

I will declare your glory over all the earth

Be exalted Oh God

You are worthy of all my praises

You are good, you are faithful, your love endures forever.

No one is like you Oh my Lord.

Every tongue, every tribe, every nation bow before You.

You are worthy Oh my Lord and My God to receive 

all the glory, honor and power.

copyright 2008 by jhunnelle



2 thoughts on “Very Unique Music Instruments Set Apart for the Lord

  1. Wow. That really reminds me of “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there with them.”Just goes to show that you don’t have to attend a superchurch in order to praise God.

  2. Amen jhunnelle.”And I will sing praises unto thy name.” Lord God forgive of my sins and short comings. Glory to thy name Jesus Christ.

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