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Sometimes we get weary, sometimes the weight of the world seems so heavy to carry. We feel weighted down. We are confused, we are discouraged. We feel hopeless. And we want to shout “ENNNNOUUGGGHHHH”. Jesus said in John 16:33, I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart? I have overcome the world. What is the antidote of these things? My answer is keep focused, keep focused on Jesus. Believe and keep faithful to His Word, to His promises. It’s time for us to turn away from our troubles and accept the peace that only Him can bring. 

“Lord, whatever I am going through right now, I offer that to you. I choose to focus unto you alone. I believed when you said that You have overcome the world and that you paid the price. Right now, I will not focus on my troubles but I will focus on You alone, knowing that you alone can bring real peace.”

© 2008 by jhunnelle

3 thoughts on “HOPELESSNESS

  1. Hope is such an empowering gift our Heavenly Father gives us. I have felt hopeless and I have worked with people who “knew” they were hopeless. Some had come through generations of hopelessness. I read this somewhere (authorn unknown): “Hopeless people are careless people.”This one statment has given me compassion for myself and others at “dumb” moments. Also I have come to see that working in ministries of the hopeless that when I can offer resources and empower them to dream again they become careful and good stewards of whatever they do have.Great insight…keep it up.

  2. Yeah, we do get overcome with stress don’t we. The birds trust in God more than we do.Sad ain’t it. We all need more faith.Blessings,Lancewww.lancessoulsearching.com

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