Right guy, right bank account, right job, right friends, right apartment, perfect body figure. Are these things make you happy? Yes, these things somehow make us happy. If I’ll depend my happiness on these things, I will be the most miserable person on earth, because all these things are temporary. 

God wants us to have more than happiness, He wants our happiness to be dependent not on temporary things but on Someone who is unchangeable. He wants happiness that comes from within, He wants happiness that can never be changed by your circumstances, by your possessions or your relationships with others. He wants you to have more than happiness, but He wants you to have joy. Joy is not dependent on circumstances, possessions or relationships with other people. Joy comes from Jesus alone. And He is willing to give that to anyone who wants to accept Him. Joy is an inside job, let Him do that for you.

“Lord, I want joy that this world can not offer. I want to accept the joy, by accepting you Jesus in my Life. I acknowledge that you are the source of joy”

© 2008 by jhunnelle


4 thoughts on “HAPPINESS

  1. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN to this!! Oh, how I’ve learned (and still am learning) how true this is. When we really grasp that true joy comes from God, regardless of circumstances, that’s when God really steps in and shows us amazing things and changes our attitudes – and even sometimes our circumstances! But even if he doesn’t change the circumstances, He gives us incredible peace in the midst of it all. God is SO good! Thanks for reminding us all of what true joy and peace is all about. I’m so glad I’ve met you recently – you’re a real treasure and the Lord is using you through your blog. God bless you today! :-)–Oh, and as a side note, you’d commented on my blog that the guy with no arms and legs looks more handsome with a beard – he really does!! What a catch that guy is, lol. 🙂

  2. I hope and pray you find you a good christian man who will appreciate you. If you already have one then God has so much the more blessed you.You are indeed a wonderful friend.Blessings,LancePS. Put God first and he will send everything your way.By the way I like your blog and that silly guy doesn’t know the blessing he is missing.www.lancessoulsearching.com

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