What’s Wrong With my Blog?

A friend who is dear to me can not really appreciate my blog. I am somehow disappointed and hurt, because he is my best and closest friend. If there is someone that can appreciate my blog, it is him, but I was wrong. I just learned last Saturday that he really didn’t like it at all. It really broke my heart when he told me that. But then I realized that you can not really please everybody.

Just wanna share this, I’ve read this somewhere else.

What is the meaning of LOVE

L-listening when another is speaking
O-overlooking petty faults and forgiving all failures.
V-valuing other people for who they are;
E-expressing love in a practical way.

-dennis waitley, seeds and greatness

This is what I want to do now, I want to love even if I am hurting, I want to understand even when you were accused of something that you haven’t done. I want to love unconditionally.

© 2008 by jhunnelle


8 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With my Blog?

  1. Well, he really is a friend if he felt safe to honestly express his opinion. Isn’t that what makes love so grand? I can disagree with something you do, but I love you. It is marvelous with those around us “get it.” But oh I am finding a new level of love. When what you do is not what I particularly like, but I want it to do well because you enjoy ir or feel it is important. It doesn’t take much to tell people what they want to hear. I say you and he have a good relationship that he could tell you it wasn’t what he would do..or he won’t even be reading it that often.Many of my friends never come by my blog. I had hoped they would but I am finding new friends form all over the world that love my blog and I love theirs. You are a good example of that. I make sure I read all your new posts.Celebrate friendship that is safe for honesty!!!

  2. When one looks to another for gratification you will from time to time experience disappointment.When one serves to please the Lord, you will always find acceptance of your labors to serve Him.

  3. Hi Sis..Back from camp, rested and ready to visit my sistahs.Well bless your heart, I know it hurts to hear when someone doesn’t like, or agree with something we hold special to our hearts, but as Kay said..your friend answered honestly and I’m sure it had nothing to do with you personally as a person or friend. Thank the Lord there are honest friends still around. Besides my sweet sis the Lord is the one we should be pleasing and you share him with those who come here, and as long as he gets the glory that is what matters.Blogging is really also more for ourselves than others, keep the faith, stay encouraged,and know that we love coming here you are a blessing..Luv ya Lorie

  4. I totally agree with trt. It is understandable we always place our hopes on Man. We look towards man for approval and have certain expectation from them. The truth is, man will disappoint man, at one time or another. The only rock we can go to, like you said, is our LORD. Doing everything to please JUST him gives us the strength to face criticism. By the way, you have a nice blog, sister.

  5. Well sweetie…I always enjoy hearing from you whether on your blog or when you leave sweet comments on my blog :)We may not always agree with our friends but it takes an honest person to tell us the truth even if we don’t want to hear it 🙂 There are times we must “consider” what someone says and if it has value in our lives we may make adjustments if God hasn’t shown us in the bible where we need to change that specific thing then we need to just keep and open heart to the Lord.Even in rough times God Always works it out!He is so amazing…I’m glad he brought your sweetness my way!****((((HUGS))))****Jen

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