I received this letter from Michael Fackerell, I am burdened to share it with you. May we continue to pray for Christians who are experiencing persecution.

Dear jhunnelle sebastian,

In recent weeks a severe persecution against Christians has broken out in India – especially in two states – Orissa and Karnataka. The persecution in Orissa has been brutal, with many Christians murdered, entire villages burned down, women raped and families driven from their homes in the forest.

The saddest thing is that some of these Christians have denied the Lord under threat of their lives. I just got off the phone with an Indian associate who told me about a church in Orisssa. A mob of armed Hindu fanatics broke in and told the church people that they would be killed if they did not deny Jesus then and there. All denied Jesus, including the pastor, except for one faithful lady, who was killed. Not all deny Jesus, but many have suffered the loss of all things for their faith.

The Hindus are especially targetting those groups of Christians who are active in evangelism. They arrest them on trumped up charges of “forced conversion”. The reality is that the only ones practicing “forced conversion” are the Hindu fanatics (RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal people) themselves. They are the true criminals. Their acts of murder, rape, deceit and arson bring into sharp relief the reality of the nature of the demon gods they serve.

Hindus are also trying to make it illegal for Christians to give any kind of help to the poor, according to certain news reports on the secular media.

We ourselves know a number of the pastors in “New Life Fellowship” which has especially been singled out for attention by the hostile State governments in these parts of India.

You can read a report given by the secular Indian media on the trouble here:

Here is a propaganda piece against Christians on Indian news:

It is as if Hindus are demanding that Christians stop loving and caring for people, as if this was some kind of crime.

Many churches have been desecrated and damagaed in Karnataka State. I understand that about 19 church buildings were attacked in the last few days.

You can read more about the persecution at these places

Please pray for our brethren in India. I believe that a Christian revival will break out in India, and Satan is threatened. Please pray for Rev Paul Thangiah, a leading Christian evangelist and pastor in Bangalore, whom I understand has also been threatened.

Things are hotting up on the world scene, and God’s people are under assault in many places. It may well be that the season of tolerance towards born again Christians may end also in western nations. The freedom of religion we have enjoyed for so long is NOT the norm historically speaking. Many of our freedoms have been undermined on the law-books, and the outbreak of war in the Middle East or some kind of terrorist attack could easily set in motion a chain of horrible persecutions in western nations also. So do not be complacent, but prepare yourself for anything. Don’t hold onto this world and its trinkets with all your might. We are playing for ETERNAL stakes.

And make up your mind beforehand NOT to deny the Lord if you are threatened with death for your faith in Jesus.

God bless,

Michael Fackerell

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