I am back, I’ve been off for more than a month now. I’ve been so busy with my training, work and the church activities. We just had our Church Anniversary last November 9, we celebrated God’s 28th year of His faithfulness to His church. We’re so thankful and praise God for the precious souls who came infront to surrender their lives. He blessed us with a powerful and anointed speaker, Dr. Paul Walker.

Oh another thing, Albert was able to come and attend the anniversary, we were able to talk about us and about our plans in the future . He went back to China yesterday. That’s all for now. I need to get back to work.

I just want to say everyone, I AM BACK:)


6 thoughts on “I AM BACK:)

  1. Hey My Sistah!!!Oh it’s so good to see *U*.I have missed you!!! Thanks for dropping by I saw your picture and I had to run over here to say hello and give *U* a big((((Hugz))) I know you’re busy but please drop by let me know how your doing, I’ll be checking on you and can’t wait to hear from you again.Don’t work too hard okay.Luv ya Lorie

  2. Hi Ms Jhunelle,Welcome back. Yeah, it’s been a long while since you last posted a write-up.Been busy too, but just had time now to say to you… “WELCOME BACK!”God bless you and Mr. Albert.

  3. Yeah. Spanish 2. lol. Don’t enjoy it at all, and I’ve all but sworn never to use it. I guess I still have to remember that God could always substitue my plans with His, though…But I’m praying that I never have to use for my job one day.I’d actually like to learn either Chinese or Latin. Spanish often confuses me. :[

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