There were times in my life that the desire to serve the Lord was so heavy that I wanted to march and run and go to the battlefield. Just like a soldier, it is easier for me to march and run than stand still. There were times that what I was doing in the church seemed so unsatisfying. I wanted to get out from my comfort zone and go in the frontline. It seemed like I wasn’t using my potentials to the fullest. I was the most willing person to serve the Lord that even if He will throw me to the darkest place, I will go, just to serve Him. I was anxiously desiring to serve the Lord but don’t know which path will I take. I know, God wants me to do something but don’t know how, when and where to start. Through these struggles that my patience was developed.

Instead of vexing myself in desperation or rushing forward in presumption, He taught me how to wait. I waited patiently, in prayer, in expectancy and patiently. Knowing that even if He keeps me waiting until dawn, He will indeed come and fulfill His promise in His perfect time.

Waiting can not be learned without years of training. Oftentimes God allowed us to be in a situation where our patience is tested. It is one posture that a Christian is hard to embrace especially in this world where everybody is rushing. Waiting can either make you a better person or a bitter person. You may allow waiting to develop perseverance or you may imitate the Israelites, they grumbled murmured and wished that they could go back to slavery. You may accept your situation and wait in quiet patience, in faith with expectancy that God will come at the right time OR you may opt to rebel against God, to rush forward in presumption or go back to the world.

Until now I am still waiting and willing to be guided by His will. Remember that there is a great blessing in waiting.

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord” Psalms 27:14

© 2008 by jhunnelle


2 thoughts on “WAITING

  1. Yup. I’ve been there. And I guess I’m still there! So…I’m – here? lol.But I’ve realized that if I wait on God with prayer and faith like you said, that the waiting gets easier with time. It’s a skill that few people are willing to develop because our culture is so NOW oriented.Thanks for the encouragement, sister! :]

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