I am praying for a peaceful, merry and bountiful Christmas to everyone. It seems strange to say that because what we can see in our world today are chaos, conflict, poverty, etc. But Christmas is not at all the absence of these, for Jesus when He was born, the situation was not peaceful, and yet He is Peace. He wasn’t born in a rich and beautiful environment.

I hope your circumstances will not hinder you to celebrate this season. No matter what circumstances you maybe facing today, may you find hope and peace in the midst of uncertainty, and hold fast to the knowledge that Jesus himself left His peace with you.

Jesus is the reason for this season, you may feel that you are lacking, let Jesus enter into your heart and let Him fill your nothingness.

May you and your family be blessed this Christmas Season.


5 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS

  1. Happy New Year my Sistah!!Hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I have been away due to a my computer crashing but I’m back and ready to do the Lord’s will in this new year of 2009. Please let me know when you get back okay.Hugz Lorie

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