It was heart’s day yesterday, I just wanna write something to the most important man in my life.


I love you
I believe in you
I submit to you 

Thank you for seeing me the way God sees me
that I am the most beautiful woman in the world
that I am precious in your eyes
that I am accepted in spite of my weaknesses

I am safe when I am with you
knowing that you love me the way Christ loved the Church

Soon our Father will make us one
Each day i think of you
How wonderful it will be seeing your smile every morning
You are the most wonderful gift God has given me

As we fulfill God’s plan in our lives
May we continue to serve Him no matter what
May we continue to glorify Him in everything we do
May we always remember that our marriage is God’s way of fulfilling His plan in our life
God is not yet finish in us
We will continue to serve Him to glorify his name and to fulfill the vision that He has given us.


copyright 2009 by the woman whom Jesus loved


3 thoughts on “I LOVE YOU

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  2. Hi Sis,What wonderful and heartfelt words from the heart. It is a blessing whe the Lord can send someone our way that we can love and cherish till we become one together heart to heart, soul to soul. And the Lord dwells in the midst of you both joining you both as one as husband and wife soon. How exciting I am so happy fpr you both.Hugz Lorie

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