Everything Matters To Our Lord

Oh we’re planning to go to Beijing next month to register our marriage, it’s pretty expensive though but we need to. We already booked our ticket but while paying it, i couldn’t pay thru internet. I tried so many times but it has always an error. So i just waited my husband to do the paying instead.


I called up the embassy to inquire about marriage registrations, the woman i talked to with told me  that we don’t need to go there we can just mail the documents. Few months ago i also phoned the embassy and they told me that we need to apply it personally, we also inquire in the consulate here and told us the same. Oh our Lord is really good He doesn’t allow us to spend that much although i wanna visit Beijing but it isn’t the perfect time yet. I believed the error on the internet is His way of saying “you don’t need to go there” He caused the internet error to happen. Small things really matter to Him, everything in our life matters to Him.


I’ve noticed for the past few days I’ve been spending too much time browsing the net, and He just reminded me of it, I’m not proud of it neither happy of it. But yesterday I decided to be a good steward of His gift of time. I want to spend my time wisely.

©2009 The Emissary’s Feet


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