Thank God for the Time of Relaxation

Last Wednesday we were able to watch “UP” Disney-Pixar’s latest offering, at last after few weeks of waiting we were able to make. We tried to watch it few weeks ago, but unfortunately when we arrived in the cinema, the tickets were all sold out for that particular period the next showing will be at 11pm.


We were able to watch last Wednesday coz my husband’s tutoring schedule was cancelled. The movie was in 3D, kids will surely enjoy it, i haven’t seen kids in theatre though. It’s a touching story, i think my husband enjoyed it as much as i did. I was somehow touched by the old man’s devotion to his dead wife and the young’s boy longing to his father’s love. Oh one thing that I’ve learned that the production designer and story supervisor are Filipinos, whoah I’m proud to be a Filipino.


Lately, I’ve been in the Hospital once again, I got my urine test, coz I thought I have a UTI, praise God it’s negative. One thing funny was i needed to see an OB-Gyne, when we’re there already we found out that men are not allowed to enter the room, but since I can not understand the language, the Doctor allowed my husband to enter as my interpreter. It’s  really frustrating not to know the language. I couldn’t express myself properly. Everytime i go to the market or grocery stores, i felt like a mute. I remember one time, i didn’t control myself, i talked to the cashier with a words that i couldn’t understand and she couldn’t understand too, it seemed like i spoke in tongues:) what i want to say was I have coins here.  


I’ve been here for 6 months now, i only new few words I’m still studying using the Rosetta Stone, it’s hard to learn coz i don’t have anyone to talk to in Chinese, we use English Language at home. Well i maybe a slow learner but i believe soon i will be able to somehow communicate using the langauage.

©2009 The Emissary’s Feet


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