Fun, Fun At Chime-Long Water Fun

It has been so hot and humid in the past few months so we decided to escape from the city and visit a place where we can plunge, we went to Chimelong water park, it is the largest and most advanced water park in the world, it has a most hi-tech water rides attraction. According to the articles  I’ve read, some of the rides are the world  first’s and world’s largest, and it has the most advanced ozone layer water treatment, the water kills germs and keeps the water clean without destroying the PH level. I did enjoy it but my husband enjoyed it more especially the water rides,which i considered crazy rides because I’m afraid of heights:)but i  conquered my fear and tried them all, except for one where we haven’t seen it, we only saw it when we left the place, the place is pretty big that we missed it:) Those looking for adventure and thrill will surely enjoy it. It was fun, though I’m not happy with my skin now, i became darker:). If you visit Guangzhou in Summer, water park is a must to see. Other things that you can see in Chime-Long Entertainment park are Chime-long Paradise, Chimelong International Circus, Xiangjiang Safari Park, Guanzhou crocodile Farm, we are planning to visit the Safari Park maybe October and the International Circus by November.







©2009 The Emissary’s Feet


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