I am the Weakest Link.

Judges 6:15 “How can I saved Israel? My clan is the weakes in Manasseh and I am the least in my family.

Gideon looked at himself as the weakest and least in his clan but God sees him as mighty warrior. God chose him and the 300 to deliver Israelites from his enemies, that they might boast about themselves but they will glorify God instead.


Sometimes I thought like Gideon viewing myself as failure and helpless doubting and fearful of the future. Thought like what if I failed, what if I I cannot do this, a lot of buts and ifs. But I realized I am thinking again about me, about my image. This is not about me, this is about God. I may see myself as helpless, I may doubt my capabilities but I know God sees me the other way around. In my weaknesses he can show his strength in all my shortcomings he can show his faithfulness and in my limitations he can show his unlimited power. That I may not boast but instead glorify him alone.

©2009 The Emissary’s Feet


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