Learning the Chinese Culture

My husband student’s Ricky with his wife Susan invited us to dine out yesterday, we went to Banana Leaf, it is a Thai Restaurant, I’ve been to Banana Leaf Restaurant also in our Country, but the restaurant here is very different from what we have, the place is big and bright, it has a tropical environment. The food and the service are excellent. Too bad i did not take photos of our orders. But one thing unique with that restaurant is the singing and dancing waitresses who entertain you while you are enjoying your sumptuous food. They won’t perform on stage but move around customer’s table inviting you to join them. Well Susan wanted to me dance, besides when It comes to dancing and singing I’m always game (lol). I went anyway and dance. The first time i saw them seemed like a de javu to me. I saw the scene before and I asked one of the the members of the singing and dancing waitresses and i found out that they are from our country, oh that’s why the scene was so familiar, they are members of the singing cook. There is one thing about our culture we loved to entertain. We loved to make people laugh. I’m proud to meet them and they even gave us discount. Oh another thing, they even convinced my husband and Ricky to dance, it’s the first time i saw my husband dancing, he’s a good dancer, though. By the way it’s a wholesome dance, even kids enjoy the dance


My husband kept on telling me to serve them tea, but i thought, why should I? Because in our culture if you want something you can just get it, or ask someone to pass it to you, then he explained to me that if you serve them tea that means you are their friends, the first time my husband served them, they were little hesitant, but he told them that we are friends now, instead of him their teacher, because both of them became his students. Now I know, the next time we go out, i would be willing to serve the tea Oh another thing you should serve the tea with your both hands, I’m still learning their culture, but i love it, discovering other’s culture is something exciting for me. It makes me appreciate more individual’s uniqueness.


Visiting that restaurant was a favor from God. The place is quite expensive, we won’t be visiting that place just to dine out. And I learned something about the custom of Cantonese. When they serve  you tea, that means you are the guest, you are the boss, you are the teacher and they are your students or you are higher than them. I didn’t know that, and instead of saying “thank you” you just knock the table with the tip of your fingers , twice or trice.

©2009 The Emissary’s Feet



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