Are You God's Favorite Cup of Tea?

Job 2:10 “Shall we accept good from God and not trouble”


This had puzzled me for a long time ,why do children of God suffer? Sometimes they suffer more than the unrighteous. It is quite hard to accept but it happens, it’s the reality. Just like what happened to Job, he’s righteous yet he suffered. Was he in the center of God’s will, absolutely yes. It doesn’t mean that when that when everything is fine, smooth, no flaws we are in God’s will and that when something goes wrong you are no longer in His will. This is wrong thinking of course. Job suffered but we know he was in the center of God’s will.


Good things and bad things happen to his children. Why is that so? because our obedience and faith need to be tested. Unless the gold will not pass through the fire, the impurities will not be removed. It is when we are tested that our true nature reveals. It is through those trying times that our impurities such as our weaknesses our vulnerability will be revealed, and that’s also when those impurities  will be melted, that we may become like a pure gold shinning. The true color and taste of a tea is revealed when it is dipped into hot  water. Same is true with us, our true color is exposed during those painful situations. Oftentimes, these are the times that our Father molds us to be like His Son Jesus Christ. We may think that sufferings are pretty hard but God meant it for good.


 May we always view those pains the way God views them.  It is either you view it negatively or view it like someone who thinks that He is God’s favorite cup of tea everytime he faces testing.

©2009 The Emissary’s Feet



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