The Master's Healing Touch

God has been demonstrating his faithfulness and miracles since I came here in China. When I arrived here this April I experienced severe coughing, I thought It was swine flu but I thank the Lord after two weeks of suffering he healed me even without seeing a doctor, I trusted in his promise to heal. Last week I experienced again severe pain in the upper part of my abdomen. It was my first time to feel it, with that kind of pain I thought I would be operated. I hardly sleep and eat for a week.

When you are in pain, you have the tendency to think of your past life and sins, your neglect of duties , the failures you’ve had, questions like, have I been faithful with the task He has entrusted to me? Have I done or given my utmost to the Highest? If I die right now have I accomplished the purpose that the Lord has willed me to do. These questions came into my mind when I was in terrible pain.

During those sleepless nights I was trying to comfort myself with His words written in the bible, I was trying to read and remember the promises He has, we did all kinds of prayer from binding and losing to speaking in tongues to crying, but in the end it is Him, that small voice in my mind and heart saying “Everything is possible for him who believes” that comforted me, though I was in pain I knew in my heart that I have been healed. I am not saying that prayer does not work, prayer works indeed. What I am trying to say is, it‘s His word that gave me assurance. He assured me that He is my great healer.  It is God who armed me with strength and comfort.  

Now, I don’t only believe that Jesus is our great healer because the bible said it or others said so, I believe because I experienced it myself.

I thank God for those who prayed for me, my family, family in the body of Christ and my husband who fervently interceded for me, his warrior spirit came out , It was my first time to see him praying like that.  And above all I thank our Lord Jesus Christ who abundantly demonstrates his unfailing love and grace to us.


© 2009 the emissary’s feet


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