Waiting, Waiting, It's hard to Wait

I received an email from my friend telling me that she’s still waiting until now, waiting for God’s direction in her life. Just like her I’m also waiting, waiting for God’s promise to be fulfilled. It’s hard to wait in the world where everything is becoming instant and everyone seems always in a hurry.

I prayed and waited for 10 years to settle down, I got married at the age of 32, I thought the waiting is over but now there’s another season of waiting.  Our life is a series of waiting, waiting for the bus or train to arrive, waiting in the restaurant for your order to come, waiting for the service in the church to start, for the singles out there, waiting for “God’s will”, for the newlywed couple, waiting for the baby to come, etc, etc.

If I may define life, it is a series of waiting and that motivates me to wait for God, to wait for His promises to happen. I may wait for another long years again but one thing I am sure of, it will definitely come to pass. Whatever He plans He will surely fulfill it. He is true to His promises. He is true to His purposes. He is true to His plans. He will never fail His people and His plans cannot be thwarted by anyone or by any circumstances.

I want to be like Abraham who despite of impossible promise from God, he chose to believe, he did not waver but was strengthened in his faith because he knew that God has the power to do what he promised (Romans 4:20-21) God is faithful to His Word and He will honor what he had said. And that I am holding to. My feelings sometimes falter but God’s Word never change.

The waiting maybe longer but that will make us more excited, expectant and hopeful. I think that is what we call a child-like faith.



 © 2009 the emissary’s feet



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