Lost in the Jungle of Life?

We oftentimes lost in the jungle of life, preoccupied with so many things, every day we face the challenges of life, trying to fix everything , trying to hold our world together, but the more we do it the more that we become frustrated and discouraged. We’re overwhelmed by the circumstances around us that we forgot we have the Father who owns the universe. He has everything under control and He is in control and never be threatened of all the challenges we are facing no matter how big they are. He knows the beginning and the end of every circumstance we are into.

No matter how big the challenges are, let’s fix our eyes to Jesus our Father instead of the obstacles around us.As we focus our thoughts in him not only will He give us the strength to cope but we will realize that in every challenges we are facing in life, if we face them with the right attitude and view them the way God sees them, we will be more and more like our Father in Heaven. We will reflect more His grace.

Hebrew 3:1 “fix your thoughts on Jesus”

 © 2009 the emissary’s feet


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