Discovering China

One thing wonderful about China is, tipping is not a practice here, unlike in our Country it is a shame not to give tip especially in the big restaurants and hotels.

Japanese and Koreans bow when they greet each other while in China handshake is a common practice.

Embracing or kissing when saying good-bye or when meeting friends are highly unusual. Generally, Chinese do not show emotions and feelings in the public but I think that was before, today’s generation is different, nowadays, you can see couples especially young people displaying their affections in the public. When I first met my in-laws I hugged them, I felt that it was a strange thing for them. My husband told me  it’s not their practice to do that.

Wives don’t use the surname of their husbands; I’m still thinking if I will adopt their practice, I’m still using my maiden name up to this time.

Chinese do not usually accept gift, invitation or favor when it is first presented. I remember when my husband’s student invited us to dine out in the restaurant; my husband wanted to give a moon cake coupon as a way of saying thank you, but no matter how he pleaded with the wife she really did not accept it. In our culture it’s a kind of rude not to accept gifts. It means you don’t like the gift unless of course if it’s given with a wrong motive like bribing. For Chinese politely refusing two or three times is a sign of modesty and humility. For them when you accept something in haste it makes you look greedy. In my culture, it is always a pleasure to receive and accept invitation or gift.

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