Just A Thought

I’ve been reading articles and blogs  about proving their beliefs are right that the version of the bible they are reading are the most accurate version, that they are right and others are wrong. Sadly but these are among believers.

I was raised in the Pentecostal background; I would only enter a church with the same background or denomination as mine.  It was two years ago that God opened my heart and eyes, he made me realize that these people are my bothers and sisters no matter what denomination they are. You see here in China there are no Presbyterians, Pentecostals, Baptist, Anglicans etc. Christians here don’t have time to argue about what they believe in.  Their hearts cry is that Christ be glorified that His name be known and lifted up among the nations.

As Pastor Richard Wurmbrand said the founder of the Voice of the Martyrs and spent fourteen years in a communist prison in Romania “The menace of persecutors and the sufferings of the underground church are scarcely ever mentioned in the church periodicals today. Instead, there are endless discussions about theological matters, about rituals, about nonessentials. In formerly communist Russia, no one remembered the arguments for or against child or adult baptism, for or against papal infallibility. They are not pre-or post millenialists. They cannot interpret prophecies and don’t quarrel about them, but I have wondered very often at how well they could prove the existence of God to atheists"

I bet when these persecuted Christians were in the prison, they did not talk about what version of the bible they are reading, or about speaking in tongues, or what background or denomination they are into, I bet what matters to them was Christ.


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