Happy Birthday to my Dearest Husband

Today is my husband’s birthday he is now 29 years old and it’s our first time celebrating together as couple. I started my gratefulness journal about him two weeks ago and I just want to share some of the things I am grateful about him.

I am grateful for his hard work to provide for us.

I’m grateful for he has been patient with me as I am still adjusting and growing as his wife.

I’m grateful for he always tells how beautiful I am.

I’m grateful for he understands my needs as a woman

I’m grateful for he respects and understands when I need to be quiet

I’m grateful for he cooks and wash dishes especially when I am not feeling well.

I’m grateful for he has been gracious to me especially when I am not in good mood.

I’m grateful for he always brings out the trash even without reminding him.

I’m grateful for we pray and read the bible together.

And most of all I’m grateful for he loves the Lord and wants to please Him in everything he does.


Thank you for doing your best to be the husband that He wants you to be.


© 2009 the emissary’s feet


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