There's A Time for Everything:)

Few days ago my husband and I visited a Park, the largest green area within the city. It is hilly and mostly covered in evergreens. It has several man-made lakes where you can do fishing and boating. It is also a beautiful place for biking and hiking. We’re just taking the opportunity to enjoy our time together since he has less teaching schedules right now. When I was still working I haven’t had the chance to visit parks because of my busy schedule.

My life then was house, work and church, I felt guilty when I wasn’t doing anything. I think most of the Christians right now feel that way, especially those who are workers in the church.  They feel guilty doing something other than the activities in the church.

One of the man-made lakes

Or maybe when we see our Pastors taking their Sabbatical leave we accuse them of just wasting their time. We are giving our tithes and offerings and they are getting their allowance from our tithes, they should do their work and not waste their time by going out of town or out of the country. Sometimes we have that way of thinking I was once like that; thank God He changed my mind. For me if there is someone who deserves rest and relaxation it must be a Pastor, a missionary and a worker in the church.

  my first time to ride a bicycle-it’s a two seater bicycle

Hey, don’t feel guilty when you are doing things other than church activities or your work. It is not sin to travel, it is not sin to go to the beach, it is not sin to enjoy and relax. It is not sin to enjoy the fruits of your work.

no parents or nanny around, i just saw one teacher supervising these little kids, yes they respect their teachers so much, that’s one thing i noticed.



2 thoughts on “There's A Time for Everything:)

  1. thanks sis, i'm trying to open your blog in blogspot unfortunately blogspot is still blocked here, bt i can open multiply and wordpress now.

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